Actions and results

Programmed actions are given below together with the results so far obtained. If you wish to be kept up to date with the latest news, enter our facebook page or send us an email to We will include you in our database.

01 Knowledge and dissemination

In this first phase, necessary to raise awareness of the nature of the project, the materials are published for the various groups (professionals, recreational groups, divers, researchers, general public).

By means of news reports and articles, this phase also highlights the issue and the results obtained.

  • June_2015. Quercus Journal. Link
  • July_2015. REDIAM Journal. Link
  • March_2016. Video sampling. Link
  • October_2017. Plumb removing. Link

02 Data collection

With this action, the first reliable database of ALDFGs in the project area is launched. Diving centres and clubs, divers, and administration technicians provide the information in order to create the database.

Would you like to participate? Enter the PARTNERSHIPS AND SUPPORT section and ask for the official file.

03 Actions and experiences.

Coordinated actions for the controlled removal of the remains of equipment will be conducted.

  • October_2017.Removing of leads in SAC Cliffs and Seabed of Punta de la Mona (Granada). Link